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People With Arthritis Shun Exercise — Though It Would Help, Not Hurt

National Public Radio
People with knee arthritis are doing a lousy job of getting exercise, according to a new study. That's not a huge surprise. Who wants to run with aching knees? It's human nature to want to coddle aches, not exercise them... Read More

Military Members Face Raised Risk of Osteoarthritis: Study

U.S. military personnel are at significantly increased risk of developing osteoarthritis compared to civilians, a new study has found... Read More

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OA Action Alliance Working Groups
Get Moving

In an effort to kick off the Alliance’s collective work to elevate osteoarthritis prevention and control as a national public health priority and to advance the recommendations in the National Public Health Agenda for Osteoarthritis, the four working groups of the OA Action Alliance are moving forward. Find out more about the exciting progress that each group has made since the OA Action Alliance Inaugural Meeting in April by reading on.

Injury Prevention

The Injury Prevention working group, focused on recommendation three in the National Public Health Agenda for Osteoarthritis, gathered on June 27th to discuss priorities and action plans to encourage the promotion, implementation and enforcement of existing policies and interventions that have been shown to reduce joint injuries that can lead to the development of OA. With this as a primary priority, the Injury Prevention working group will first focus on sports and recreation audiences ultimately progressing to the general population.

This working group counts among its members a robust list of organizations including the National AgrAbility Project, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association and the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

Self Management Education

Recommendation one of the National Public Health Agenda for Osteoarthritis guides the group as they work toward initiatives to promote self management education for the benefit of individuals with osteoarthritis. On July 5th, the Self Management Education working group met to discuss their founding principles and priorities. Current findings illustrate a clear patient interest in educational programs that teach techniques to help manage arthritis symptoms. During this meeting, the group was joined by Teresa J. Brady, PhD, Senior Behavioral Scientist with the Arthritis Program for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who outlined key background research regarding self management education for individuals with arthritis, highlighted current self management education initiatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and discussed the challenges the group will face. The Self Management Education working group strives to initiate community and clinical involvement to make participation in self management education a population norm for all people with arthritis, and thereby improve the lives of individuals with osteoarthritis.

Physical Activity

The Physical Activity (PA) working group recently held their first conference call to implement the physical activity recommendations from the National Public Health Agenda for Osteoarthritis. After an overview of the OA Agenda and the related Policies and Environmental Strategy Recommendations Report (draft), a priorities brainstorming session ensued. The group discussed focusing on the priority strategy for the park, recreation, fitness and sports sector which aims to train professionals how to adapt and modify PA programs and exercises with arthritis and assist people with initiating and sustaining physical activity.

Ideas for implementing this strategy included:
  • Conducting an environmental scan to identify environmental access/assessments, tools and training programs that exist
  • Identify instructional materials for adapting PAs
  • Investigate training work in ADA, adaptation, and universal design
  • Develop an online community tool and information clearing house for recreation/fitness programs for OA
  • Develop a public information presentation to educate stakeholder groups (community groups, senior centers, parks & recreation, transportation, healthcare, community & public health, business & industry) about the OAAA and the PA Work-group’s mission, goals and activities

Weight Management

Driven by recommendation four in the National Public Health Agenda for Osteoarthritis, the Weight Management working group is focused on promoting weight management as a strategy for the prevention and treatment of OA. Seventeen members strong, the group is populated with registered dietitians, medical and scientific researchers, public health experts and analysts, among others from organizations including the Obesity Action Coalition, the American Society for Nutrition, the Society for Nutrition Education, Pennington Biomedical Research Center and COSHAR Foundation. The group re-convenes on August 17th.

As the work of this new coalition continues to progress, we need your voice and the participation of your organization to advance OA awareness, education and those policies where change will have the most immediate impact. Join us.



Member Spotlight


Barbara J. Moore, Ph.D.

President and CEO, Shape Up America!
Co-Chair, OA Action Alliance Weight Management
Working Group

As the President and CEO of Shape Up America!, an organization founded to raise awareness of obesity as a health issue and provide responsible and free weight management information to the public through its award-winning website,, Barbara is acutely aware of the implications of obesity and its co-morbid conditions including osteoarthritis. As a co-chair of the OA Action Alliance’s Weight Management working group, Barbara is committed to educating the public of the intimate connection between obesity and osteoarthritis – and empowering those affected with tools to improve their quality of life. Learn more about what Barbara and Shape Up America! have to say about OA and the OA Action Alliance by clicking here.


Laura L. Payne, Ph.D.

Chair, Education Network, National Recreation and
Park Association
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Office of Recreation and
Park Resources
Co-Chair, OA Action Alliance Physical Activity Working Group

Laura has focused much of her research and outreach programming on examining the relationship between leisure behavior and the health of older adults with chronic conditions; the role of local parks and recreation agencies in the promotion and maintenance of health; and the relationship between nature-based leisure experiences and health. To this end, Laura’s leadership role on the OA Action Alliance’s Physical Activity working group is a perfect match! Learn more about Laura and the Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign by clicking here.





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